25 05 2009

As a dutch guy with an American partner and having lived  in both San Francisco and New York, I try to keep as much up to date with American politics as I can. My friend is a conservative libertarian, I am in the middle and I religiously read lefty gay blogs. I believe all that info combined gives me a fair and balanced view on politics. 

For instance about Nancy Pelosi. She is very good for the gay community and gay rights and of course I applaud her for that. What I don;t read on the gay blogs are her other sides like the hypocritical actions regarding the water boarding scandal. Saying people should be prosecuted for involvement in that even though she herself knew about it all along. Now, whether it is torture or not I leave up to other people, but you either do or you don;t and you do not play by such double standards.




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10 05 2010

Don’t you know that politics almost by definition means accommodation. Accommodation to different line of thoughts, even when it means flip-flopping several times on the same issues, is essential of politics.
As a politician, you will never achieve anything (except perhaps some honorable mentions) if you want to live to every promise you made, every feeling you had, every thought that moved you to action.

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