Roland Garros

25 05 2009




Being a big tennis fan I am super excited that the biggest clay court tournament in the world started yesterday. As a kid I watched it the whole day when I had a day off and as much as I could during schooldays. I even wrote down all the scores point by point. I also played on a pretty high level as a kid


Since then a lot has changed. I don;t play that much anymore but still keep up to date with all the results and sometimes still watch it on TV and even in real life. I was at the US open. the tournament in Charleston and in Stanford. Women;s tennis is my main interest and I will every day try to list on of the results I found most interesting of that day

Sunday 24 may

Anna Lena Groenefeld beats Amelie Mauresmo 6-4 6-3

I feel bad for Amelie, a 2-time slam winner to always underachieve at her home-slam. Clay is not her best surface but still never even a quarterfinal is for someone of her caliber just shocking. On the other hand I totally feel Anna Lena deserves a bit of luck. Being a good junior and even top 20 a couple years ago, she was mentally abused  by her former trainer, stopped playing on the WTA tour, gained at least 20 pounds and was out of the top 250. Now she is back and I will always root for a person with a story like that




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