California Supreme Court uphold prop 8

27 05 2009

HPIM3057In the state Iowa gay couples can get married but in California, with gay capitols like San Francisco, Los Angeles and Palm Springs, marriage is still denied to gay and lesbian couples. The court’s decision has undermined the central principle of equal rights for all. Yes, the people of  California voted against gay marriage by a narrow margin of 52 percent, but polls show that today the results would have likely been different. But even with that in mind, in history equality for minorities has always been achieved at the courts and not through a referendum. That;s why the court, that decided 6-1 against gay marriage, should have made prop 8 invalid . Hopefully by 2010, the gay marriage issue will be on the ballot again and Californians will vote in favor of it. The marriages performed before the ban will remain valid. While this is certainly a good thing, it’s also a little contradicting and seems to be some sort of olive branch to sooth the pain for  people  favoring gay marriage.

The white house has remained rather silent on the issue, as on many issues regarding the gay community so far. From all the promises before the election not much has become reality so far




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