Janice Dickinson

29 05 2009

Photo 91I personally love Janice, I like her books(3), her tv shows, her appaerences on America’s next top model and basically everywhere i see her. Like most gay men i love a crazy diva.

She has herself admitted to being an recovered drug addict/alcoholic. Lately though her antics seem to show that she is back to her old habits.

According to various reports she was drunk at the gay porn awards, leaving a restaurant in L.A. last month and now it is even caught on tape. Janice was asked to be a part of Finland’s Next Top Model and she showed up at dinner with the girls in the house, started drinking wine and her speech started to slur. She was really out of it, made weird comments to the shocked models and even managed to fell down the stairs screaming for an ambulance and calling the girls stupid.

The next day Janice came back sober and apologized to the girls. According to her she accidentaly took a sleeping aid instead of a Vitamin C and that causes her weird behavior. While the whole thing was hilarious and typical Janice, i doubt many people believe her excuse




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