Roland Garros day 7

31 05 2009

Serena Williams(2) beats Maria Jose Martinez Sanchez 4-6 6-3 6-4.

Another nail-biter for Serena and filled with drama. Both girls had good stats in the end with Martinez Sanchez 27 winners over 13 unforced errors and Serena 30 winners over 26 unforced errors. A high quality match. But now over to the drama, something that seems to follow Serena everywhere she goes.

At 2-2 in the first set on break point for Martinez Sanchez, the Spanish girl raced to the net where Serena hit the ball straight at her body. In a reflex she got the ball back on the other side of the court. In replay it was obvious that the ball had hit the body of Martinez Sanchez before it hit her racket and thus the point should automatically go to Serena Williams. The referee gave the point and thus the game to Martinez Sanchez though and Serena afterwards branded her a cheater for not honestly saying the truth about the ball hitting her. I can;t really agree with Williams here, who in sportsmanship is no saint herself. The Spanish girl probably did not even know it herself since it was a reflex and it;s not her fault the referee gave her the point. Serena made comments afterwards like “she better not come to the net again” and mentioning she was from Compton adding” I will get you in the locker room”, both are truly unnecessary things to say. She always thinks she is being treated unfairly by the game of tennis, whether it;s the audience, other players or the WTA tour in general. It;’ time for some self-reflection, maybe learn something from her sister Venus, who is graceful in all circumstances!!

Serena Williams

Serena Williams




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