7 06 2009

I was raised as a catholic boy, went to a catholic school and was even an altar boy. While I am glad i was raised that way, right now i don;t consider myself religious anymore. I do hope that there is a God and when I feel scared or bad i do pray every now and then but that doesn;t make me a real true believer, i guess.

On days like yesterday when i read a news/personal story on the blog of Jesse Archer, fabulous gay writer, actor and more I wonder why if there is a God, why would he let a thing like the following happen.

Australian Chris O’Brien was a cancer expert and one of the world’s top brain cancer surgeons. 2.5 years ago he developed a very lethal type of brain cancer himself and this past week he died. Why do such terrible and very unfair things happen with a good and caring God. This is of course an example and most people can come up with a story similar to this one. When i ask religious people about that they say God can;t do everything and some things just happen, but that is too me not a sufficient answer. Maybe someone else can give me a better answer to this burning question.



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