Foie gras or not!!??

9 06 2009

Certain dutch hotel-restaurant chains have removed foie gras from their menu after a campaign from the dutch animal right organisation Awake Animal. I know to make the foie gras people have to push food down the throat of animals to make their liver fat. In the Netherlands production is forbidden but to eat it obviously not(yet). I have a hard time with this, on one hand I love foie gras but I feel bad for the animals as well. What i don;t know is how bad the geese and ducks are being treated, is it really bad abuse?? Makes me think a bit more before ordering it next time




One response

16 06 2009

I have seen footage of French farms that raise the ducks, the animals run free as you would expect of a quality organic farm, and the ducks will come readily to be fed, even if it involves a feeding tube. One of those circumstances where the treatment sounds far worse than the ducks apparently seem to mind.

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