Pat Robertson is an idiot

10 06 2009

The religious activist thinks only few men are born gay and most have been made “homosexuals” by counselors, coaches and other people that abuse  young men who then become to think something is wrong with their sexuality. So instead of handling the homosexuality of your kid you have to scare him by saying he goes to hell, according to the bigot. With those ignorant comments he surely has some gay teen suicide on his name. Gays are born that way end of discussion. I have a non identical twin brother, we were raised the same way, neither one of us was abused and he is as straight as they came and I am very gay. The end!!




2 responses

16 06 2009

I think his name is spelled Robertson, or the alternative spelling Shitforbrains

16 06 2009

thanks, I had shit for brains for the minute I spelled his name wrong as well!!

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