Heart arrythmia’s

14 06 2009

Just after having posted about them a couple weeks ago and not having had them for months suddenly since last Wednesday they have come back. And very bad. Not just a few times a day but 40 times or something my heart skips a beat. Very scary and it ruins my life right now. Sometimes they are gone for a few hours and then they come back 3 times in 5 minutes or something. I hate it!!! My doctor said they are not really dangerous, gave me beta-blockers if it would be too bad, but I don;t know if I should take them since i have a slow heart rate and they are for people with a fast one and with high blood pressure. I hope they clear up from itself so I don;t have to take heart medication. And maybe see a cardiologist next week. I am just so scared for my life that i don;t feel like posting that much.



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14 06 2009
Heart arrythmia’s

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