19 06 2009

I feel bad for Sarah Jessica Parker. Apparently police chefs were in on a plot from burglars who were hunting for voice mail messages in the house of the surrogate mother of her soon the be twins. Can’t trust the cops that did it, so maybe not the ones doing the investigation either. That is just a shitty thing to do.

I hope he can pull it off for his fans, but I have strong doubt Michael Jackson will finish(or even start) all of his 50 upcoming concerts in London’s O2 arena. He just seems too unhealthy and fragile.

Ricky Martin came half “out of the closet” by saying his heart could belong to a man or a woman. Was there anybody out there that still thought he was straight????

All the drama with the Real Housewives of New Jersey!!! The finale ending with one woman calling the other a whore and throwing over a dinner table in a restaurant. Wow, too bad I could only see that little clip. Would have loved the whole series. But in the Netherlands it;s not obviously not right now on TV and people can;t watch clips from Bravo out of another country. Sucks!! I loved the whole housewives franchise, especially OC with Gretchen/Tamra fights, New York with Bethenny and Kelly, and Ramona and Jill and and… They had a lot of fights with one another. And of course Atlanta, with Nene and Kim. Wow, just typing about it makes me miss Bravo!! Luckily my sister-in-law fills me in sometime on all the drama.




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