Gay Pride

21 06 2009

It;s gay pride month again in gay world. Rome, Shanghai, Athens and Los Angeles have had their pride already and definitely the one in LA sounded like fun. And I wish I was in New York this week, because it’s pride week there with the big parade on Sunday. I love a good pride like any good old gay, all the happy people, music, dancing. While I’m not proud to be gay(how can you be proud of something you were born as) I definitely don’t feel ashamed either and I think that it’s a good thing to hold pride every year to celebrate the achievements the gay community has made. There is also a lot of work that still needs to be done, and bigotry that needs to be changed. So as long as those things are still not the way they should, there is a need for a gay pride. And for the people like Will and Grace writer Max Mutchnick who thinks that “extremes” should not be representing him and the community are just plain boring and conformist. Nobody wants to see just lawyers and business man in a parade, that;s not entertaining. And the argument that it creates more homophobia isn’t relevant either i.m.o. People that hate on gays do that anyway, with or without extremes in a parade. We should not buckle down to them.HPIM3057HPIM3057




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