21 06 2009

According to the National Enquirer actor Morgan Freeman(72) has a 10-year old affair with his 27 year old step-granddaughter E’Dena. If this is for real, it;s pretty creepy and Woody Allen-like. Of course the Enquirer writes crap a lot but this seemed really like the truth.

Bruno was in Amsterdam at the red-light district where he opened a division with male prostitutes(all as a joke). He sure pulls out all the stops for his European promotion.

Poor Britney keeps true to her “smart” self by yelling “Hello London,”,while being somewhere else.

And actor Dennis Quaid gets more money from the hospital in LA that accidentally gave his twins an almost fatal dose of blood thinners. Each kid gets $ 250.000 and free care. If I was him I would never sat foot in that hospital again so they could keep the free care.




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