25 06 2009

Sarah Jessica Parker’s twins were born, 2 girls, named Marion and Tabitha. I like the first name and hate the second. Did they name her after the woman from Bravo’s Tabitha’ salon make-over?? Hope she turns out a little better looking then her.

Ricky Martin now denies having said his heart could belong to a man or a woman. Please, girl, we all now the truth, it;s just to a man!! Who is he fooling??

Martina Navratilova is going through another messy break up and divorce. She forcibly removed longtime partner Tony Layton from their shared residence and denied Layton access to her belongings. Apparently it promises to be a messy divorce. I hope it will be all OK for Martina. I met her once and she seems like a great lady.




2 responses

26 06 2009

I didn’t even know SJP was pregnant again. Is she still with Matthew Broderick? I thought they were getting the big D

26 06 2009

Hey Krissie,
The babies are from a surrogate. They are still together though.

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