Wimbledon day 5

27 06 2009




The match between Gisela Dulko and Nadia Petrova was branded by the british tabloids as “beauty against the beast”.How rude is that? While I understand that they wanna brand Dulko as the new” beauty” after winning against Sharapova, calling Nadia a beast is very uncalled for. Yes, she isn’t pretty and she is big, but it’s not that bad as you can see on the picture. The first set was all about Gisela’s great grass court game and Nadia’s errors, resulting in a quick 3-6 for Dulko. Then Petrova’s serve started working and this is a huge weapon on grass. She has all the tools to win a slam except a fragile mental state in tight matches and she almost seemed to let it slip again as well yesterday after winning the second set with 6-3. Dulko could again not close it out either and the best player won, Petrova with 6-4. She made 33 winners against 29 unforced errors, Dulko 17-23. Hope Nadia can cause a little upset in the next couple matches.




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