29 06 2009

It’s summer time which means flocks of tourists are going to London’s West End and New York’s Broadway to view a musical during their vacation. I am a huge musical fan for 5 years now and have seen at least 20. I am gonna name my top 5 of musicals and hope to inspire people to go and watch those musicals soon.

1 Wicked, this musicals has it all; great decors, memorable songs and a great storyline with a meaning, a big 10/10. Playing in both London and New York

2 Le Cage aux Folles, my first musical and the one that made me fall in love with them. Sweet romantic songs, funny and great dancing by men dressed as woman. 9.5/10, only playing in London

3 Mamma Mia, seen this one 4 times all with different people and everyone loved it as much as me. Ultimate feel-good, Abba- songs that everyone knows and a fun yet simple story-line 9/10 ,both in London and New York

4 Fiddler on the roof, a musical that is the opposite from Mamma Mia. A very strong story line with a still relevant message. Very intense songs and impressive without much decor or fanfare. 8.5/10, in London.

5 The Phantom of the opera, the all-time longest playing musical in New York and playing in London as well right now. Great soundtrack, lots of suspense and around 3 hours of captivating entertainment, so definitely worth your money! 8/10



One response

30 06 2009

I’d put Les Miserables over Phantom, otherwise agree with the top 4 – although I would probably put Les Cages above Wicked.

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