Homophobic harassment by Somalians

1 07 2009

A gay man got harassed by Somalian immigrant youth after gay pride in Minneapolis at Twin Cities Pride. While following him they shouted “I hate gay people” and “Fuck gay people” at the man. He luckily holds himself very well, but this should obviously not be tolerated. I hope places in the U.S don’t turn into Amsterdam where gay people are often assaulted by Moroccan immigrants. Very very rarely by native dutch people. I have only one thing to say to those people, if you can’t deal with what is the normal in Western countries like the U.S or the Netherlands “Go back to your own country!!!”




One response

2 07 2009

Somali trash have been trying to impose their own form of sharia in Minneapolis for years now. They make up the vast majority of cab drivers, and have refused to transport anyone carrying alcohol. The ‘flying imams’, who behaved like radicals and acted in a very suspicious manner before trying to board an airplane (they were denied) were also Minneapolis-based. They tried (unsuccessfully) to sue the airline for denying them pasage.

While I don’t think they should be denied basic rights, they should also not be accommodated for holding their hatred-based views. After electing Al Franken senator, and accommodating this Somali trash, the people of Minnesota might want to think about what they have transformed their state into. I for one will not be spending any money there again.

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