Dutch christian textile company refuses gays

2 07 2009

Konova, a company in the dutch town of Goeree Overflakkee refused to print the text ‘gay sport Nijmegen PINK tournament 2009’ on  towels for a gay sport tournaments in Nijmegen, a town in the south/middle of the Netherlands. They cited religious grounds and said they would not help out such an event where God’s name is disrespected, because “he forbids relationships between people from the same gender”. They even had the guts so promise to sent a free bible instead!! Hope they get sued for discrimination and lose their license. This should not be tolerated in the Netherlands!!




One response

4 07 2009

Sorry, but they should have the right to serve only the clients they choose to. It’s a stupid business decision, but that’s up to them. There are other printers who will galdly take the job.

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