Federer wins another Wimbledon

6 07 2009

I’m not a big fan of men’s tennis, but a match like yesterday could not leave even me cold. Like last year the men’s final, unlike the women’s final, was a master-piece. After 4 hours and 16 minutes the match was over 5-7 7-6 7-6 3-6 16-14. I felt so bad for Andy Roddick, a great tennis player and someone that seems to be a very well rounded, open-minded nice guy. He deserves more then just one Slam title(US Open). He never lost his serve until 14-15 in the fifth set and then it was over. I missed the beginning of the match but that last set was 3 sets worth of exciting tennis, lasting 1.5 hours. Both men understandably started to get tired and Federer seemed to lose some energy and concentration at around 6-6 in the final set but quickly regrouped. It was Roddick’s turn at around 13 all to start moving slower and physically he started to fall apart. Federer quickly noticed this and won his 15th Grand Slam title after almost hitting 50 aces. He truly is a fantastic champion and the greatest of all time!




One response

8 07 2009

The post-match interview was pretty funny. Federer, a first class guy in my mind, was going on a bit about how he knew how hard it was to lose at Wimbledon because of last year when he lost to Nadal, and the camera flashed to Roddick who clearly said “You won 5”.

Outstanding hard fought match between two very classy players, a privilege to watch.

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