Bitchier posts

7 07 2009

My posts today and probably tomorrow as well, are a little more mean-spirited then normal. Reason, I have an infected tooth and it hurts so bad!!!! even 600 mg Ibuprofen did not do the trick and I have barely slept last night. Hopefully the antibiotics will do their job quickly and I can resume to being just a little bit bitchy. Update, today even worse, really swollen and even after opening the tooth by the dentist today it still feels like shit. Update 2, the day after it was even more swollen and I looked like a pelican and had a swollen side under my tongue. The dentist did not trust it and pulled my tooth. Took forever and hurt but it was out in the end.The swelling was still bad the next day but finally today it’s a little less. Hopefully this will be the end, I am done with Ibuprofen as well, they make me dizzy. We don’t get percocet or stuff like that here in the Netherlands. The advantage is less people addicted to painkillers but I rather had some the last few days! Update, last Sunday I needed an emergency incision to drain the puss without any painkiller, that was so painful. Now it finally seems resolved though.




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