14 07 2009

Kim Cattrall broke up with her 20year younger boyfriend citing they were at a different point in their life. I am in a relationship with a 14 year age gap and I think the older you get the less the difference means. When I was 20 and my boyfriend 34, it felt like a bigger gap because I was still into clubbing and partying. Kim’s ex is 30, my age now, and by that time party-time is over for most,and people have grown up, bit maybe not him. Or he thinks she is an old cow now, that’s a possibility as well.

Ryan Seacrest is one of the richest queens on TV, earning 15 million a year for 3 years. Why?? Well I guess other people think she deserves it. Btw I don’t really think he is gay.

The crackhead of Camden(Amy Winehouse) is back in Britain for a court-case. I hope she stays clean over there and soon will be making great music again.

Extremely talented singer Rufus Wainwright debuted his own opera in Manchester this week called ‘”Prima Donna” I saw him in my gym in New York multiple times. He joked in an interview about also seeing Anderson Cooper there lifting his 5 pound weights. Well I have seen Anderson there as well and he lifts a little more then that, haha. It’s funny though how people can look attractive on TV and in reality just very mediocre at best.

And Tony Romo allegedly dumped Jessica Simpson. Can’t blame him, she is just too stupid to live with I think. The hotness helps her for a few months/years but eventually men get tired from that as well.




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