20 07 2009

Michael Jackson’ kids have two possible new guardians. First there is sister Janet Jackson who has grown closer to the kids after the death of their dad. And then there is Michael’s gay dermatologist Arnold Klein, rumored to be the father of the oldest 2 kids. I think Janet would be a better choice.

Every time I see pictures of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis’ kids, I am shocked that two good-looking people like that can produce such unattractive kids. Well, at least they have a ton of money.

Bruce Jenner, former Olympian hero and step dad of the Kardashians has admitted to having some bad plastic surgery in the past and has now had some reconstructive surgery. He still looks like a middle-ages lesbian woman so it was not a success in my opinion.

Amy Winehouse former hubby Blake wants 9.7 million from Amy in divorce settlements, citing he was the inspiration behind Amy’s huge success album “Back to Black”. I think he deserves nothing and definitely not such a huge amount of cash.

On http://www.youtube.com/user/RealHouseboysofWeho, people can watch a web documentary of gay boys in West Hollywood. I hope for them this is a scripted parody of the Real Housewives and not the real thing, because if so they are extremely pathetic!!




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21 07 2009

I forgot to tell you that I saw Hung from Top Chef in Whole Foods (pretty sure it was him, verrryyy short) and definitely saw Tushy in the train station today

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