22 07 2009

Britney Spears conservatorship might be coming to an end soon. Her dad will ask the court to review the terms of it after her concert tour ends in November. He has already taken care of her since early 2008. I think it’s time to let Britney be her own boss again.

And Brit’s ex hubby F-Fed(now K-Fat is getting his own reality show on VH1. Why you wonder. I dunno!!! Maybe it’s a weight losing show or something.

The Naked Cowboy, aka Robert Burck is running for Major of New York. I always enjoy seeing him taking pictures with tourists at Times Square, simply because he is hot. I doubt he will win but if he does he will be the hottest major in the U.S. instead of San Francisco major Gavin Newsom, currently the sexiest mayor.

Joe Jackson claims he never abused his son Michael and then proceeds to say slaves where abused in the olden days and parents hit their kids all the time. Yeah, that makes us believe him more. If there is one person fault at Michael Jackson’s death it’s him and not the doctors he accuses.




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