Gay news

25 07 2009

Unfortunately, New York senator Kirsten Gillibrand had to give up on her proposed bill to suspend the enforcement of Don’t Ask, Don’ tell because of lack of support. While I believe DADT is ridiculous and should be unlawful, it’s not one of my main gay agenda points of interest. I never forget living in the Bay Area next to a sergeant in the Navy  and his wife who were really pro-gay and friendly, but did not believe gays in the military were a good thing for moral. I always assumed he knew more about it then I did so I have a hard time making up my opinion about this. What I do know is that DADT has to go.

The city of San Francisco wants in on the prop 8 lawsuit. They think they can give a unique local government perspective to the case along with extensive legal experience in defending gay and lesbian rights. A great idea in my opinion and more chances for equal rights in California.

The Boatslip resort in Provincetown will keep holding his afternoon Dance parties and will not turn into residential condos. I guess many gays are happy they can keep on partying, but I am happy because I think Provincetown should stay the way it is. The best way to keep it’s magical charm.






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