GLBT news

26 07 2009

A 77-year old gets a Transgender operation. Renee Ramsey is a former green beret specialist in Vietnam and served in the army for 20 years. She always liked dressing up in men’s clothing even during her two marriages and now will become one the oldest transsexual in the world.

A former minister in Gatesville, Texas apparently did not agree with my “gay is the new black”posting. He paid for a huge sign on the main street of town saying “gay rights are not civil rights”. The woman, who is the owner of the sign, told journalists she normally does not put up any negative messages but agrees with this one. According to her she even ¬†received death threats. The sign was paid for three days and has since been taken down.

Former boxing champion Mark Leduc was found dead at age 47 in a hotel sauna in Toronto suffering a heat stroke. He was gay in a very homophobic sport and maybe because of that became a great spokes person for the gay world.At the Olympics in Barcelona in 1992 he won a silver medal.




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