News; Michael Jackson, Michael Vick, Nicholas Sarkozy, and more

28 07 2009

Michael Jackson indeed wore a prosthetic nose. According to a blabber mouth at the morgue there was just a hole with some cartilage at the place where his nose should have been. Hope everyone that reads this is not eating. If so, sorry!

Iron chef Cat Cora gave birth to a baby boy named Nash last week. She was carrying a baby conceived with her partner Jennifer’s egg. Jennifer already gave birth to a baby with cat Cora’s egg. A little confusing but if it works for them!

Michael Vick is released from prison and maybe people are speculating about his return to the Football world. He was in prison for severely abusing multiple dogs. I think he should have been in prison longer and surely does not belong back in a family friendly sport like the NFL.

French president Nicholas Sarkozy had to spent Sunday night in a hospital after collapsing Sunday during a run. Contrary to earlier reports he has never lost conscience but had a minor lipotropic episode caused by fatigue and strenuous exercise in the heat.

Comedienne Lisa Lampanelli was pissed that she could not be the host of Joan Rivers’ roast for Comedy Central, an event she normally does present. This time it will be Joan’s friend Kathy Griffin who has the main roasting honors and Lisa says if she can’t host she is not even gonna participate at all. Kinda sour, Lisa is funny but she is no Kathy!

This weekend the yearly underwear run was held in Central Park. 500 people running around in their underwear with a strict no thong policy. I wasn’t there but have seen pictures and some of it was very hot and also a lot, very not!

Football player Reggie Bush and famous for nothing person Kim Kardashian have broken up after 2 years. Could not care less but it’s on all the news so apparently other people do care. To keep the same ass he might wanna date Kirstie Alley.




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