4 Lesbians arrested for assault on anti-gay Catholics

31 07 2009

A group of anti-gay Catholic activists who were protesting same-sex marriage in Rhode Island were attacked by a group of 4 young lesbians who hurled eggs, salsa and drinks and pepper spray at the group. They had seen the men there for several days and after the men called them the anti-Christ and sinners it turned into a riot. The women regret their immature behavior and they should. Things like this cause the gay movement a lot of harm. Now bigots can claim gays are being the aggressor and this time they are sorta right. If you remember how they milked the stupid woman with the Styrofoam cross that got broken, you know how things will go with this. I can totally understand being super pissed off at anti-gay activists but violence is never the answer.




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5 08 2009

Contract AIDS and die faggot!

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