Gay news

4 08 2009

In Wisconsin on monday gay couples can take advantage of the new domestic partnerships registry. It will afford same-sex couples about 40 legal protections previously extended to married couples only. It’s not total equality yet, but better then nothing.

On Joe My God  I read that the founder of Mission America, Linda Harvey, said some really despicable things about the gay murders in Tel Aviv. She first really shortly says the murders are bad(just to cover her ass for the rest of the hate she is gonna be spewing), but right after that complains that the gays blame religious people for the murders and says everybody has to right to oppose homosexuality also people in Israel. And if those children would not be going to those centers they would not have been dead, blaming the centers for luring the children in. First of all these were young people between 16-mid 20’s and no little children,at that age they know how they are! And how terrible are you to use the death of those people to advance your own sick message.




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