4 08 2009

Naomi Campbell was allegedly at it again, hitting a photographer in Italy at the island of Lipari. According to the man she beat him with her purse and then scratched his left eye. Bodyguards and Naomi’s latest beau had to get her off him. Seems like those anger management classes haven’t done much good.

Ryan O’Neal showed again what a dirty douche bag he is, because at Farrah Fawcett’s funeral he was hitting on his own daughter Tatum. He had not seen her for a while and thought she was some Swedish woman and started chatting her up. Just too gross for words.

Speaking of drug addicts, Michael Douglas’ son actor Cameron was arrested for meth possession with the intent to distribute in New York yesterday. He has already been arrested before in 2007 after cops found a syringe with liquid cocaine in his car. 

24-year old Kristin Hardy has officially divorced her 85-year old billionaire husband Joe Hardy, founder of 84 Lumber. They were only together for three months but he wanted to have sex all the time and she did not. He also wanted her to walk around the house in sexy lingerie all the time. The funniest part is her saying that she is not a gold-digger and married him for love!!  Gold-diggers are fine except when they deny who they are.




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