Gay news; Obama, Brad Pitt, ex-gays

6 08 2009

The error rate in signatures for the anti-gay measure to get the now allowed domestic partnerships law up for referendum in Washington has increased to 14.4 %. It’s the highest error rate of any ever seen so far. And then to think of all the people that were scammed into signing in favor of gay marriage but instead signed against it.

Brad Pitt again showed he is a friend of us gays. He said he would only marry his Angelina if everyone(so gays) can get married as well. He also speaks out against Prop 8 and says he has no understanding for that kind of hatred. Brad says hatred is something almost always being passed on by parents, something I totally agree with. 

The American Psychologist Organization made in a statement clear that, after a significant study, there is no reason to believe ex-gay therapy works. Professionals should not tell people they can change their sexuality, but instead help them accept it. I could have told them that before a study but it’s good that is now officially on paper. I always just feel sad for those people acting like have changed their sexuality through therapy.

The U.S.’ most famous gay magazine Advocate confronts Obama on their cover saying “the hero was a player after all”. He has promised a lot and delivered very little according to Advocate. I think Obama seems to think only talking about gay rights and saying he is gonna do a lot for them is enough, but more and more gay people are very impatient and frustrated and hopefully this will pressure him into action. We will have to see if that happens though.




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