GLBT news

8 08 2009

Gay Miami news anchor Charles Perez(who had his own nationally syndicated talk-show years ago) has been fired after filing a discrimination complaint. He was demoted to the weekend slot because he was becoming too “gay” for mainstream. He was smiling too much and giggling with his co-anchors like girlfriend. This happened a week after an ex of Perez forwarded an email to his bosses where Perez told his shrink he had gender identity issues. Perez thinks that is the reason he got demoted and filed the complaint. His boss is a gay man himself so i dunno what to believe here.

British professional boxer Rob Newbiggin says he was born intersexed and plans to transition to a woman and after that fight as woman professionally. He says he has high levels of oestrogen in his body but has more man characteristics. He started boxing because his step-dad wanted him to butch up. Of course it is fine that he wants to become a woman, but I think it would be unfair if he would actually compete at the ladies, he really really looks like a big manly man. This is totally different from tennis player Sarah Gronert who plays with the ladies but also really looks like a woman.




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