Gossip; Patrick Swayze, Lady Gaga and more

8 08 2009

Patrick Swayze uses medical marijuana to treat the nausea, insomnia and anxiety from chemo. He looks much better since a while back so it seems like it is helping him. Marijuana should just be legal in the U.S. as it is in the Netherlands. The fact that it is legal does not make more people use it, most people in the dutch coffee shops are foreigners and most people that I know have never even smoked it back home.

There are rumors circling the Internet that Lady Gaga is a hermaphrodite. There is a clip on youtube where she has a bit of a bulge and in an interview(nobody knows for sure if it’s real) she says that she has both male and female genitalia, but feels a woman. I love Lady Gaga no matter what she has in her pants. I think it’s probably all bullshit though.

Billy Mays, the famous commercial men for Oxiclean had a lot of drugs in his system when he died. He died officially from a heart attack caused by high blood pressure but had used cocaine, xanax, vicodin, alcohol, and valium in the days before he died. His family is not happy that this is now all over the news.

It looks like the insurance policy that AEG put out at Lloyd’s of London for Michael Jackson may be worthless. It did not cover death by illegal drugs. Propofol is not illegal in itself but the use at someone’s home is. The policy would have covered $17.5 million of the $ 30 million AEG is losing.




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