Gossip; Candy Spelling, drugs, Disney and more

13 08 2009

Candy Spelling should just act like a real mother and stop bad-mouthing daughter Tori every chance she gets. If she was a good person she would try to see her grandchildren, but Candy is too busy airing dirty family laundry to TMZ and other gossip outlets. What person says her daughter is to blame for her father’s death because she had a family feud. Tori seems at least somewhat of a nice person and I feel bad for her having such a psycho bitch mom.

Disney bought the rights for a remake of the famous Anne Frank story. As a dutch guy I have read the book and seen the movies about her and a while back me and my boyfriend went to her famous museum in Amsterdam. At first I thought it was bad that Disney got the rights, but on the other hand they might make the story popular with the American youth again and Anne Frank’s story is important enough to be kept in the memories of all. Hope they do stick to the reality and not make it into something glamorous or princess-like.

As I reported earlier Michael Douglas’ son is in prison for drug dealing, but now Cameron’s girlfriend might join him. She tried to smuggle heroin in an electric toothbrush in a conference room inside a federal courthouse in New York to give her boyfriend. How stupid can you be???

As expected the woman that accused Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger of rape just wanted the sex herself and more. She hoped to get pregnant with his baby and boasted to friend and co-workers that she had consensual sex with Roethlisberger and was happy about it. Just trying to cash in some money!!

And a woman tried to ruin the Mona Lisa with a cup of english tea. Luckily Da Vinci’s masterpiece was completely unscathed because of the bullet-proof glass. The police in Paris took the woman to a psychiatric ward afterwards.




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