Gay news; gay bashing victim apologizes, Samantha Fox gets married and more

14 08 2009

Sex bomb from the 80’s Samantha Fox who made millions of boys hot back then came out as a lesbian a few years ago and she just announced that she is gonna get married to her manager and partner of several years Myra Stratton. Congrats.

Traditional marriage and Prop 8 defender Doug Manchester is getting a divorce. He is the owner of the San Diego Grand Hyatt and donated $125.000 against gay marriage. Because of his faith he could not see gays get married, but apparently a divorce and also a try to squeeze his ex-wife of 43 years out of their money is very christian-like.

Dwan Prince a 31-year old gay bashing victim from Brooklyn, has apologized to his attacker that left him paralyzed!!!. He says his own flirtatious behavior was the reason for the attack and since then he is no longer gay. Just crazy!!

Gay icons Billie Jean King and Harvey Milk(the latter posthumously) got their Presidential Medals of Freedom awarded by President Obama this week. Both excellent choices!! Everyone should know what Harvey Milk meant to the gay community as the first elected openly gay official and Billy Jean King has done so much for women’s sport and tennis in particular. She is just fantastic




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