Gossip; Michael Phelps, drugs, Kerry Katona, Amy Winehouse

17 08 2009

Michael Phelps may not have caused the accident he was involved in last week but he will be cited for driving with an invalid license. He also admitted to the police that he had a beer 1.5 hours before the crash but they did not give him a breathalyser. I think he got really really lucky there.

Amy Winehouse and her Blake might get back together. They have phoned each other and think they can make a new start now that both of them are sober. I think it would be a horrible idea. Luckily Blake is still in rehab so they can’t get together right away.

British trainwreck Kerry Katona is in real trouble now after News of the World showed pictures/a clip of her doing a line of coke in her own bathroom. Apparently this happened after a 4 days booze binge and only hours after she picked up her kids. The fact that she wants to do drugs is her own decision but doing them in attendance of her kids is a different story.  Child services should get their gear into action.




One response

13 11 2009
MazThe Moo

Kerry needs help big time…her kids are gonna be taken off her if she doesn’t watch out…

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