Gay news; new Will&Grace, rugby against homophobia

19 08 2009

The murderer of New York transwoman Lateisha Green gets the maximum sentence of 25 years. The murderer 20year old Dwight Delee says he is a young man, no monster and did not mean to kill her. But he did , so I think he deserves every year of his sentence. According to witnesses he used anti-gay slurs before shooting a precious life.

Members of the Australian National Football team are fighting homophobia in a photo campaign. Players are holding signs that say “All gay men are weaklings?? reject stereotypes accept people”. And “Everyone deserves a sporting chance, stand up against homophobia.” It is certainly time for some American team to do a similar thing. “Manly sports” like rugby in Australia and soccer in Europe have done the same, now it’s time for the NFL.

NBC is producing a new sitcom revolving around two male best friends. One is straight and the other one is gay. Former Will& Grace executive producer and co- showrunner Gary Janetti will debut the show. I still love watching old Will& Grace re-runs, so if it is anything like that I will certainly tune in.




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