South African world champion a man, a woman or both??

21 08 2009

Caster Semenya from South Africa won the 800 meters at the world championships in Berlin in a best season time of 1.55.42. Two second in front of the rest of the field. A few months ago she won the African Junior Championships in a time of 1.56.72. Since then rumors have been going around that she is not all woman. Officials do not think she is had a sex change but think she has a medical condition, both male and female chromosomes. In that case she will lose her gold medal. Her dad has said she was always treated as his daughter and that she is a woman. she has a very low voice, moustache and is extremely muscled but she also has some feminine facial features. I feel horrible for her if she loses her gold and then have all the world falling over her. Back in the 40’s the Netherlands had a similar story. We had an athletics champion that people thought was a man. She was disqualified by the athletics union and lived her whole life alone and a spinster. She was last year posthumously honored by the athletics federation and they regretted treating her that bad. It’s hard to decide what the IAAF has to do when she has some male chromosomes but is mostly female. Probably with athletics and when you look like her it’s a bit of an unfair advantage but…



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