Showbizz; reality star dead, Miss Universe, Lindsay Lohan and more

24 08 2009

Lindsay Lohan was back in the news twice the last few days. Yesterday her house got broken in for the second time  and a couple days before she had an incident at a New York deli. She left her blackberry on the counter and when the deli guy ran out and found her he wanted to know if it was hers and asked for her number. Lohan is not that stupid and tried to grab it out of the guy’s hands. She was too slow, started sobbing and then called 911. Police verified it was hers and gave it back. The deli guy said he did not know who she was!! With all the magazines they are selling there??? 

Reality “star”Ryan Jenkins, from “Megan wants a Millionaire”and the cancelled before it was shown, “I love Money” was found dead in a hotel in Canada. The main suspect in the killing of his wife, model Jasmine Fiore committed suicide. Cops could only recognize his wife last week on her breast implants because the murderer had removed her teeth and fingers. Everyone was already convinced he killed her(he had abused a woman before) and now it’s about 100%. What an animal, probably best off dead.

British tabloid star Jordan is in the news almost every day lately. First the constant back and forth bickering between her and ex Peter Andre on who is to blame for their break-up. Then she upped her security because the mafia had plans to kidnap her. And now her new boyfriend cage-fighter Alex Reid is apparently shooting some hard-core porn. Several media outlets including Perez Hilton think that this makes him a bad person to be around Jordan’s kids, but I have seen clips and pics of him interacting with the kids and they seem to love him. That is more important then him doing porn.

Two big pageants were held this weekend and they could not have been more different. First the Mister Gay Europe pageant with Spain being the winner. The winner was pretty hot but most guys were really mediocre looking, especially the one from the Netherlands. 75% of the people in my gym in New York David Barton are better looking then this lot. No then the Miss Universe pageant with too many hot ladies to count. Miss Netherlands is really good-looking and seemed to be a big title candidate in the polls, but the real winner was for the second year in a row Miss Venezuela. Ps. why was Heidi Montag performing?? she can’t sing or dance and is good-looking but nothing compared to most ladies in the pageant. Is she even famous outside of the U.S.???




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25 08 2009

Heidi Montag was just embarrassing on Miss Universe…I was thoroughly disgusted.

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