Queer as Folk

25 08 2009

Queer As Folk U.S.A has got to be my favorite series of all time!!!. Years ago I watched the British version on TV and I liked it a lot. My boyfriend and I then decided to buy the American version years ago and after 2 episodes, I decided I did not like it that much and it was a bad replica of the original British one and we stopped watching it. Last year we decided to give it another chance and was I glad about that!!. With the extremely relatable story lines, great characters, fantastic music and heart-breaking drama it looked at times like a version of my own life. I have never seen a series that had even slightly the same effect on me this one had. We watched the discs religiously and I was sad when it had come to an end. A few weeks ago back in the Netherlands I decided to buy the British version again and see what I thought about that one now.  And even though I again enjoyed watching it, my end conclusion is that the American version is way better. The story lines are far more developed, it’s more realistic and almost all the actors are better in the U.S series,except Charlie Hunnam who made a slightly better young gay teen coming out then Randy Harrison. The main man that everyone wants to have sex with is the extremely hot Gale Harold in the U.S but the British guy is OK looking at best, but definitely not someone everybody dreams of. The only real thing going for the British one is a little more humor. If someone would have said this to me a couple years back I would have laughed and thought they were sadly mistaken. I hope people in Britain and the rest of Europe give the American version a chance, it’s so worth it!!!




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26 08 2009

Bear in mind, the heartthrob in the UK version is supposed to be hot for an English guy

26 08 2009

That’s true. It’s easier to be a hottie in the U.K then in the U.S or the Netherlands

16 12 2009

I only ever saw a few epsiodes from the UK version, but I didn’t like it very much. The US one, however, is my favourite TV show ever! I think the first few episodes aren’t that great, so that’s maybe why you were put off. The theme song/title totally gives the wrong idea about the show and I found the first two episodes a little cringey. I started watching only the Justin and Brian story on YouTube, before deciding to watch the whole show and I’m glad I did. The storylines are great, I’m in love with each of the characters and it’s generally a brilliant show. There will never be anything like it again and I hope to god they don’t try and re-create it. It wouldn’t be the same, unless it happened to be all the same actors and crew (but that’s doubtful).

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