gay news; gay bashers gets 75y, Buju Banton cancelled and Hurrah for Uruquay

30 08 2009

A man who kicked and stomped gay musician Jimmy Lee Dean back in 2008 in Dallas was sentenced to 75 years in prison. Dean was left unconscious, disfigured and mentally forever changed. On the Internet on several websites you can see pictures of the victim and the whole thing is just horrible, it made me cry. The attacker, Bobby Singleton,  got 15 years more than the original request by prosecutors and he deserves every minute of it. Hope this will be a lesson for gay bashers.

Uruquay will become the first South American country to legalize gay adoption. This came despite opposition from the influential Roman Catholic Church and some political parties. Last year they got civil unions there. Clearly steps ahead from other counties in that region!!

Anti -gay singer Buju Banton was supposed to have multiple concerts in the U.S. in October.After complaints from human rights groups, Live Nation and AEG have cancelled on him. In one of his songs, “Boom Bye Bye” the Jamaican singer calls for the torture and murder of gay men. It already seemed strange to me that Live Nation, the concert promoter of Madonna, would go along with this man’s hate speech.

A Washington State commission has decided that the names of people who donated to the anti-gay marriage Referendum 71 should be made public. The anti-gay group Protect Marriage did not want this to happen because they are afraid for repercussions. Well if you wanna be a bigot, you have to stand up and take the consequences. I for one would not spent my money at a store or restaurant that does not see me as equal.



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