Gossip; Sex and the City, Chris Brown, Sarah Palin

4 09 2009

Sex and the City has already caused quite a stir in New York. The security is so big it looks like the president is in town. At 7 in the morning fans are already trampling each other to get closer to Sarah Jessica Parker and the girls. Cynthia Nixon even had to be helped to her trailer and scenes were canceled for the day after fans got into fights. Maybe that was because her beautiful!! girlfriend was on the scene as well with her, haha.

Chris Brown shows what an asshole he is by being pissed at Oprah for having a show dedicated to abused women in honor of Rihanna. He thinks it was a slap in the face because all the stuff he did for her like performing at her school in Africa. He thinks she could have been more helpful towards him. WTF??? This little guy’s ego is way too big , maybe cleaning the streets for a year helps him a bit.

Levi Johnston had a fashion shoot/interview with Vanity Fair and told some interesting things about the Palin family. Mommy and daddy Palin do nothing in the household, but let the kids do everything. There was a lot of talk of divorce between Sarah Palin and her husband. To make pregnant Bristol look better Sarah wanted to adopt the baby and raise it as their own. After the elections Sarah often said she should just quit being a Governor and take the money that was offered to her for other things. And that is exactly what she did.




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