5 09 2009

I saw an old episode of Sex and the City yesterday in which Carrie farted with mr Big in bed and thought that was the end of the relationship. Miranda did not think it mattered but Samantha did and she knows guys!! It got me wondering how that is with straight people. Do men find a farting women a turn-off??. And what do women think about farting men. I have never been ashamed to fart, never in a one-night stand and most definitely not with my partner. We never had issues with that, even tried who could let the worst one. I am the better farter and he is the better burper! Maybe that’s the easy thing about two men together.




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6 09 2009
its me

Farting is farting! It is im-polite to fart at certain times.
For us it is the same men-sometimes its funny and make a game out of it and other times its gross and you have had enough. It thought it was very embarrassing the first time I farted in front of C. though.
I did however, used to work with a gal that had been married to her husband for 2 yrs and had still never farted in front of him. I couldn’t believe that. (Even if she was sick?)
In my opinion it is true love if you can fart in front of the other and accept it!!!!!
That was a hilarious episode of sex and the city and we laughed! hard!

7 09 2009

It’s unhealthy not to fart, but not everyone can appreciate a good fart, it really depends on the person you’re with and I also don’t think there’s really a big difference between hetero or gay people. Sometimes it just happens, it’s a natural thing and you shouldn’t have to be ashamed of it. A contest of farting though wouldn’t be my style. But everything is better than a secret farter, like when you’re in a train and it starst smelling awfull and everyone is looking very innocent the other way. There should be a fine on that!

7 09 2009

I agree, secret farters are the worst.

6 11 2009
Just a Girl

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