Gossip; Rihanna tattoo shop; Lady Gaga, man breast-feeding??

6 09 2009

The tattoo shop where Rihanna illegally tattooed employees has gotten a fine in between 200/2000 dollar because Rihanna does not have a license. Pretty pathetic, if Rihanna would not have been famous nobody would have cared. Hope she pays the bills for the tattoo shop though. I would get a Rihanna tat!! Well maybe not anymore but at the time I had my other 2 I would have.

A Brisbane morning show thought it was appropriate to ask Lady Gaga about the hermaphrodite rumors and asked her where they were at the “tiny penis issue” right now and if she was embarrassed about the speculations. Gaga answered that her beautiful vagina was offended and with selling 4 million records in 6 months she had not to be embarrassed about. Great answer!!

Modern parents try to share duties and that’s great, but some things should maybe just be left to women. A man in Sweden wants the ability to breast-feed his future children. For 3 months the student economics will be pumping his nipples in an attempt to make them produce milk. He will be pumping during lectures at school as well and the Swedish channel will be documenting him. How would this ever work??




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