US Open day 10, Leave the zit alone and give me a kiss

10 09 2009

Rafael Nadal had a male fan come real close to him after his match. He took of his shirt an a guy approached him with a camera and tried to give him a kiss. The man was arrested and removed from the premises. Kinda weird a thing like this can happen, what was security doing. We don;t want another Monica Seles incident. Nadal thought it was all cool, he said the man was a fan, told him he loved him and just wanted a kiss.No problem. Well, if Rafa is so easy about it, here I come.

Kim Clijsters had a funny video on her youtube blog explaining what the large wound under her eye was. Me and apparently many people with me had been wondering about it and Kim decided to tell the slightly embarrassing truth. She had a large zit there, tried to burn it away with some product and instead burned her good skin with it as well. Could totally be something that I would do, in fact I tried it once with lemon acid and it wasn’t pretty. What I love about Kim is that she is so normal and honest.

There was also real tennis yesterday at the US open. Two more girls made it to the semi-finals. First there was Belgian teen Yanina Wickmayer who beat Katerina Bondarenko in straight sets 7-5 6-4. At least the Belgian girl was going for her shots so a deserved winner. Who would have thought at the beginning of the year that Belgium would have two semi-finalists again at this year’s open??? Wickmayer is surely talented but her route to the semi final was a fairly easy one. The only seeded player she beat was the number 19 Razzano in the first round. Her opponent in the semi’s will be Danish super talent Caroline Wozniacki who made an end to the dream run of Melanie Oudin. Oudin played not nearly as good as in her rounds before, probably tired, and Wozniacki does not make nearly as many errors as the Russian Army Oudin beat before. An easy 6-2 6-2 as a result. Wozniacki should make her first grand slam final on Friday.




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