Gossip; Patrick Swayze, Whitney on Oprah, Michael Douglas and Matt Damon in Liberace movie

15 09 2009

Some truly sad news to start. Actor Patrick Swayze died yesterday, age 57, after a 2-year battle with pancreatic cancer. He was only given 6 months initially by doctors but called himself a”miracle dude” after living much longer and even shooting a TV-series in the following months. He seemed to be a truly great person and has some amazing films behind his name. He played a drag queen in Too Wong Foo, Thanks for everything and who hasn’t seen the great movie Ghost ,with Whoopie Goldberg and Demi Moore. But he will be most remembered for his role in the musical Dirty Dancing. He sure made many girls and gays fall in love with him in that role, what a hunk.

Everybody was interested in the outcome of the interview between Oprah Winfrey and Whitney Houston but it wasn’t all that. Some interesting tidbits though were that Bobby spit on her during a fight and she hit him back three times under the watchful eye of their daughter. She was addicted to Bobby and could not do anything without him. He resented her more and more for her success and even cut her head of pictures and other childish things like that. Nothing we all didn’t more or less know after seeing “Being Bobby Brown”. Whitney seemed to make up answers as they spoke sometime. Will she stay sober for much longer??, my guess is no.

Michael Douglas and Matt Damon will play the lead characters in the biopic of Liberace. Now that is a movie I would like to see. And Matt Damon was apparently also behind the prank on George Clooney at the Film Festival in Venice where a man stripped and asked for a kiss.




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15 09 2009

I watched To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything many times. We still have the video. Patrick looked more elegant and sophisticated than a lot of us in that movie. We will miss him dearly. Oprah said now she understood why Whitney tolerated her abusive husband for such a long time because she really loved him. I can understand that. It’s not easy. I look forward to Michael and Matt in the Liberace. I miss Liberace. He gave so much joy and laughter.

By the way, I read the book The Bird Cage and I absolutely enjoyed it. However, I could not get to see the movie. I remember Nathan Lane was in it. I’m sure it is good.

16 09 2009

he is truley a man of courage and will be MISSED! our hearts go out to lisa.

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