Safe sex makes you depressed

20 09 2009

Professor Stuart Brody from Scotland says unsafe sex is better for you. Unless you are gay, then not. He did a survey in Portugal and safe sex gave people stress, depression and bad overall mental health. He says the reason for that is that human beings are programmed to enjoy unsafe sex because it gives people an evolutionary lead and increases the chance on procreation.

This might all be true and all, but what if one of the people gets an STD. I think the stress and mental health will be a lot worse than that of a person having safe sex.




One response

20 04 2010

Did you know there are eight common sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) in the US, and even more when you include the ones that are less common? Most people don’t know they have a disease until they get tested. They could give somebody else the infection without knowing it.

Did you know that some STDs can cause damage that never goes away? Some STDs can make women and girls infertile. Some STDs can even lead to cancer. Of course, HIV/AIDS can kill.

Did you know that more than 65 million Americans have an STD that can not be cured with medication? These include herpes, Hepatitis B, and HIV. 33 Experts estimate that about 19 million Americans get an STD every year. One in two (50 percent) of every newly diagnosed STDs infects a teenager or young adult. 34 That means that teenagers and young adults are getting infected with STDs faster than any other group in America. 35

Did you know that teenage girls get infected with STDs more easily than adults? One reason is that their reproductive system has not finished developing, and their membranes are thinner and more easily damaged so infections can get in.

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