Gossip; Renee Zellweger no real Bridget Jones, Mike Seaver a bit crazy and fights on the Sex and the City-set

26 09 2009

I am not at all a big fan of Renee Zellweger but as Bridget Jones she did a good job in the past. For the new Bridget Jones movie though she does not wanna gain weight again like she did the other 2 times. She will be wearing a fat suit, how lame!!!. As a reason her publicist says that losing the weight was hard the second time and it’s bad for the body. Well, at least she already has a bloated puffy face so that makes it easier to believe. 

Kirk Cameron, aka Mike Seaver from “Growing Pains” used to melt many girls and guys’ hearts during his sitcom days. My boyfriend actually had a big crush on him back in the day. As cute as he was then, now everything that comes out of his mouth is a lot less hot. I knew he was a christian fanatic but the things he said the past week where just ridiculous. First he wants to go and  crusade at schools that teach evolution because it’s wrong and he calls Darwin a vagina-hater and a racist. He also says Hitler’s actions were inspired by Darwin. Somebody sure looks a lot better with his mouth closed.

Apparently the Sex and the City set is not all fun and games. According to reports Sarah Jessica Parker(Carrie) and Kim Cattrall(Samantha) still dislike each other and so much that they refuse to talk to each other on the set leaving everyone uncomfortable. Both are really stressed, SJP because of her young son and baby twins at home. It’s always hard to believe that people playing best friends in a show hate each other that much.




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