Gossip; Katie Price 4th autobiography in 5y boycotted,Anna Nicole involved in murder plot??, Liz Taylor heart surgery

7 10 2009

Katie Price, aka Jordan has written 4 autobiographies in 5 years and the British bookstores are fed-up and wanna boycott the release of her newest one. I think they are stupid because people still buy the books and the customer is king. I only read the first and it was a good read but even I think 4 in 5 is a little ridiculous. Has anybody ever written that many period? According to some tabloid her new bf, a macho cagefighter, is a secret cross-dresser under the name Roxanne. Time for bio 6!

According to FBI reports authorities had reason to believe Anna Nicole Smith was involved in a plot to kill the son of her beloved sugar papa Howard Marshall III. The son, Pierce Marshall was in a big battle with Anna over the multi-million dollar fortune of Howard. In 2001 the FBI close to case because they believed there was not enough reason to investigate further. Anna always denied and I don’t really see Anna seriously wanting to kill someone either, but maybe sending a naked Kimmie or Bobby Trendy over would have done the trick.

Liz Taylor used her Twitter(how youthful of her) to tell her fans that she will undergo heart surgery to repair a leaking valve through a clip device and without open heart surgery. An uncle of mine had 7 operations on leaking valves unfortunately back then there was no clip device, he survived 6 of them but not the 7th. This all happened during my puberty and we were all very close, so this was something that made a huge impact on me back then. Hope Liz is luckier, that woman has been through so much and still survives all, so I hope and think this will go ok as well.




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