Gay news, Muslims refuse to play against gays, drag queens beat up thugs

8 10 2009

A football team in Paris consisting of gays and some heterosexuals of all different races and religions was refused by a team mainly made-up by Muslims, called Bebel, for a friendly match. According to the Muslims it was against their principles to play against gays. WTF. What does playing soccer against gays have to do with principles?? Everybody has to accept Muslims, but they can’t accept others.

Some thugs in Swansea, Wales wanted to pick a fight with some drag queens, but they picked the wrong ones. The drag queens were actually cage-fighters on the town for a stag night and punched the thugs a few times in the face before teetering off on their high-heels only to stop to gather the purse they dropped during the fight. Hilarious!!

American Footballer Scott Fujita, a New Orleans Saints linebacker, has talked during an interview on how he supports the National Equality March and equal rights for gays in a great articulate manner. I think it’s great American Footballers also finally start to speak up for gays. I think that is very important for the way some people view gays. These men are really role-models for Middle America.




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