Tennis, Patty Schyder beats Kim Clijsters 6-4 3-6 7-6

23 10 2009

I hate it when two of my favorite players have to battle each other and definitely in an early round in a small tournament in Luxembourg. Of course I was hoping for Kim to win but I have also always been a fan of Patty’s game and personality as well. Her loopy spin, great drop shots and variety have always been tricky for Kim, definitely on clay court or indoors. And Patty can beat everyone when she plays her best which unfortunately isn’t very often(mentally she is not that strong). She has beaten Clijsters and Serena Williams this year but other than that it was a very mediocre year for Schnyder. There was a lot of talk about her retiring at the end of the year but I hope she tries for one more great season, the tour needs players like her.Kim did not play bad at all, but clearly lacked match practice (again). She hasn’t played a tournament since the U.S. Open while the rest of the tennis world was in Asia. I bet with hard training and a few more matches under her belt in Australia in january, she will be a strong contender for the Australian Open title.




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