Sports, tennis and speed skating

2 11 2009

While at one of my favorite sports the season is coming to an end with the other it has just begun.

In Doha, Serena Williams beat her sister Venus in a one-sided final 6-2 7-6. In their group both girls had played against one another as well, that match was much closer with a third set tiebreak. Yesterday Venus only made 7 points on Serena’s serve which says something about that serve but also about the return capabilities from Venus. Reminded me of their Wimbledon final where Venus also seemed with a chance on Serena’s serve. Well, the best player of the year won the Year End Championships very deserved. Hope to see all the girls back at their best at the Australian Open in january.

Speed Skating is (maybe after soccer) Holland’s most popular sport. I always compare it with the NFL in the U.S. Other countries don’t get the sport or care about it, but the whole country watches the NFL in the U.S and speed skating back here. This weekend where the Dutch Championships per distance. With so many great skaters in a small country it is very hard to make the dutch team for the winter Olympics in Vancouver next february so there were a few winners but many losers including some of my favorites. The best 5 on a distance can skate in the World Cups the next few weeks to gain some momentum and pre-qualify for the Games. At the Olympic trials in 2 month some of the guys and girls that did not qualify yet have another chance, but it will be very hard then. The Netherlands is the best country in the world at speed-skating but also the U.S and Norway with the men and Canada and Germany with the women have some very good competitors for gold in Vancouver. Hope this great sport will become a bit more popular in the U.S, it deserves it.




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